What is a Rear Projection Film, Holographic Foil or 3D Film?

What is a RHPF?

Rear Projection Film is similar to a window tint material and can be used for commercial windows such as existing store front glass or vehicle glass such as car windows. This rear projection material is specifically designed to catch projected light from a computer projector. It is also known to be called Rear projection foil, Rear Projection Film, 3D Foil, 3D Film, Holographic Film or foil. This allows the viewer to see through the screen, whether the projector is active or off due to it’s unique transparency.

Testing Tron Movie Clip on UI Glass
(View Highres Youtube)

You can unleash its magic by using a projector or better yet short throw video projector. Projectors can display anything from video, computers, cable TV and more. Rear projection films give you the ability to put a display on any piece of glass or plastic available and create one of a kind digital signage or animated display.

Where can it be used and applied for your benefit? Below are just some of the uses of this magical film.

It can be used for existing glass Tables, Bars, Windows, Custom Monitors, Wide Presentation outputs, Glass elements, Billboards, Custom presentations, Glass Network Marketing, DJ consoles, Night Clubs, Touch and none Touch, Conventions and Trade shows standup custom units, Hotels, Travel, Occasions like Weddings, Birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, Concerts, Restaurants virtual aquariums, Virtual Systems, Airport directory systems, Mall directory systems, Universities, Churches, Museums, Colleges, Resorts, Coffee houses, Malls Storefronts, Exhibits display presentations, Car shows and Car dealers, and more. Virtually any business with existing glass or want custom glass made. The possibilities and application combination for this film are endless. It can be applied to any existing glass or custom cut glass. It can be used for simple projections and in my case as a Senior GUI, create complex interactive interfaces and designs.

How to apply or install a RPF Rear Projection Film or Front Projection Film / 3D foil / Holographic Film?

Below is a video installation on how to install the Rear Projection Film.
YouTube Installation Video part 1

YouTube Installation Video part 2

Payment type

We accept PayPal, ATM and Credit Card.

Rear Projection Holographic Clear Film (Pre-Order Now!)

How to buy from us, and why you need to buy from us.

We sell our films in friendly sizes. (H=50 inches x W=30 inches) that way it is easier to roll the material and ship. You can give us a call for custom sizes.

What comes with your purchase.

The Rear Projection Film comes with a free squeegee to help you with your installation. The Film is sold as is along with a free black plastic tube carrying case that protects your 3D Foil upon shipping delivery. The flat glass in the photos is not included and only for demo purposes.

We ship all around the world.

We ship from “Sin City” Las Vegas NV. Priority shipping and insurances options should be included in the shipping carrier as an additional fee.

Return Policy

The buyer pays for return shipping fee. You cannot return the film if it is:

a.) Used

b.) If the Film is creased and shows cracks

c.) If the film is burned or shows signs of deformity due to heat.

d.) If the film shows scratches usually caused by weight placed on it and dragged.

e.) If the film is punctured or has a hole

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