Have a new online business and don’t know where to start?

Need a website and Online exposure

Chances are you don’t have a website and you need to be guided on where to start. Your business is new and you don’t have any online exposure.

1.) Make sure your website is eye catching to lure customers in. You don’t need a $10,000 website to do the job. A good professional website can start from $1000 – $1500. The price only goes up if the website has program functionality which makes it a hybrid website. I am sure you can find cheaper, but cheaper in this case does not mean better. There are a lot of cheap web designers out there but most of them have just got into the web design and online marketing business. There are many stages on building a website and the most important thing is long term adjustment and maintenance. Down the line you would want an 18 year vet like me who knows how the behavior of other businesses, individuals / your potential customers and how they operate. Someone who would make the necessary adjustments and tune your website for the latest technologies to make sure your website is optimized to load fast and robust.

2.) Get some online exposure. Since your website is so new, it is not out on the SERP’s yet (Search Engine Ranking Pages).

So you will want some cost effective Social Media Marketing while your web designer is working on your local google results. You will want a monthly budget on this one. Without this your website won’t be exposed to market niche’s and your business will suffer. So time is of the essence as well. It takes time to build organic search depending on the different keywords / branding keywords you are promoting.

As month’s pass by there needs to be adjustments on your website to make sure it is always up to date with the latest SEO adjustments and check it’s report’s on backlinks and more. This is what Pelaez Web Solutions can help you with.

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